PiFace Digital Emulator

After installing the software and restarting, login and startx.
Start the PiFace emulator by typing in a Terminal:


Or click on the Desktop icon


    If you have the older version of the emulator it may not look like this below.

  1. We want to manually control the outputs, so in the PiFace Emulator window, click Enable > Output Control. There should now be a tick next to Output Control.
    Override Enable
  2. Toggle Output Pin 0 on by clicking on it.
  3. The PiFace interface will click as the relay turns on and the corresponding LED will illuminate. Notice the graphic onscreen updates to show the LED being on and the contacts have changed over on the relay and the first output pin is on.

The LEDs are in parallel with the outputs terminal connectors and indicate when the output is enabled.


  1. Press one of the buttons on the bottom left of the PiFace. Notice how the onscreen representation changes to indicate the switch has been pressed.