PiFace Control And Display train times guide

Difficulty: easy

Display the live train times from your home station to a selected list of stations, using PiFace Control And Display.

Running PiFace Control And Display traintimes

Once you have installed the PiFace CAD software you can use our train times example using the buttons and LCD screen on your PiFace CAD.

First move into the PiFace CAD examples directory
cd /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples

You now need to unzip the traintimes example to be able to run the program
sudo gunzip traintimes.py.gz

Now you must install BeautifulSoup, which will allow the traintimes program to pull train data from an online source
sudo apt-get install python3-bs4

You can now run the traintimes program with the following command
python3 traintimes.py

Something like the following should appear on your PiFace CAD screen

Loading screen for train times on PiFace CAD
Loading screen for train times on PiFace CAD

Wait for the program to return the train times

Use the rocker switch to cycle between different destination stops. To exit the program, press the button to the far right on the PiFace CAD