Playing hangman on PiFace Control And Display

Difficulty: easy

Follow these setup instructions to play hangman on the PiFace Control And Display and extend the game yourself.

Changing words in hangman

To add or change the words used in hangman, first copy the file into your home directory
cp /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples/ ~/.

Now from your home directory cd open the copied file in your favourite text editor, eg:

In the file you should see a list of words, something like
WORDS = ["piface", "raspberrypi", "horses", "eggs","bacon"]

Change and add to this list to make the game harder. Make sure you only add words that contain 13 letters or less (otherwise the rest of the word will disappear off the end of the screen. Words must be contained inside quotes "like this" and separated by commas. Add as many words as you like.

Save the file and then run it with the command