Playing hangman on PiFace Control And Display

Difficulty: easy

Follow these setup instructions to play hangman on the PiFace Control And Display and extend the game yourself.

Running PiFace Control And Display Hangman

Once you have installed the PiFace CAD software you can play our hangman example using the buttons and LCD screen on your PiFace CAD

First move into the PiFace CAD examples directory
cd /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples

You now need to unzip the hangman example to be able to play the game
sudo gunzip

Now run the game using the following command

Something like the following should appear on your PiFace CAD screen

Hangman at start of game on PiFace CAD
Hangman at start of game on PiFace CAD

To play the game, select a letter that you think may be in the word, by pressing in the rocker switch at the top right of your PiFace CAD, a blinking cursor block should appear. Now cycle through the letters by flicking the rocker switch left or right and press the switch in again when you have reached the letter you want, the cursor block should disappear. Now move the cursor with the rocker switch to the arrow pointing right on the screen and press in the switch again.

If you guessed a correct letter, it will appear in the place/s in the word, otherwise a part of the hangman graphic will appear. Keep playing until you have won or lost, again! (press up and enter)