Setting up the RaspberryOrgan

  • If you haven’t previously, you must install pygame (a python module we will use to play our sounds) by typing the following command in a Terminal
    sudo apt-get install python-pygame
  • Now create a folder to put your sounds in
    mkdir sounds
  • For your sounds, you can either:
    • Download free raspberry sounds from the following site an and put them in your sounds folder.
    • Open a Terminal and install mpg123 audio file converter
      sudo apt-get install mpg123
    • Navigate into your sounds directory
      cd sounds
    • Convert the mp3 files into wav files
      mpg123 -w outputFileName.wav inputFileName.mp3
      * Replacing outputFileName and inputFileName for the actual filenames you want to use
    • Or record your own sounds and save them as .wav files in your sounds folder
  • Test your sound files using the command
    aplay yourSoundFile.wav