Using PiFace Control And Display command terminal

Difficulty: medium

How to install and use commandCAD to run commands on your RaspberryPi without a monitor, using PiFace Control And Display.

Running PiFace command terminal

commandCAD is a work in progress and has many bugs. It is not advised to be used for complex important commands. Any help to improve it is welcome.
  • To use your Raspberry Pi without a monitor using PiFace CAD, first download the commandCAD files from github by opening a Terminal and typing
    git clone

  • Move into the newly created folder
    cd commandCAD

  • Run commandCAD with the command

    You will see the PiFace CAD's backlight come on and a $ with a flashing cursor.

    commandCAD prompt on startup
    commandCAD prompt on startup
  • Type your command on your RaspberryPi's keyboard, if you make a mistake, use backspace to delete the typo.

    commandCAD with command ready to enter
    commandCAD with command ready to enter
  • Press the return (enter) key on the keyboard to run the command

    commandCAD echoing Hello
    commandCAD echoing 'Hello'
  • You can cycle through the previous commands for your session by flicking the rocker switch to the left. After you have cycled through your current session's commands, it will begin to cycle through the commands in the previousCommands file. When you find a command you want to run, hit enter on the keyboard.

  • To save a command to the previousCommands file, type out the command (without hitting return) then press the third button from the left on the PiFace CAD

  • To edit the previousCommands file, open it in your favourite text editor.
    leafpad previousCommands

  • More functionality coming soon.