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Easy to use navigation switch and buttons.


PiFace Display

See what is happening on a backlight LCD screen.

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Got a project with your Raspberry Pi where you don’t want the size and expense of a monitor and keyboard? PiFace Control and Display can help! PiFace Control and Display shows status information of your Raspberry Pi or application and allows you to interact with it through the navigation switch and on board buttons. It’s also got an infrared receiver so you can use a remote control handset from your arm chair! PiFace Control and Display is easy to program in Python making creating portable projects fun. Build and customise your own menus in just a few lines of code. Get the satisfaction of building your own Internet Radio; just one of a range of tutorials with example code provided.
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Infrared Receiver

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Navigation switch

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Quick menu builder software

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Easy to install software

PiFace Control and Display on a Raspberry Pi

Tech Specs

  • 16 character by 2 line alphanumeric display
  • User definable custom characters
  • LED display backlight
  • IR receiver for infrared remote control
  • 3-position navigation switch
  • 5 tactile switches
  • Quick and easy menu building Python libraries provided
  • 2 addres lines

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