PiFace Relay Plus Expand the possibilities!


PiFace Relay Plus stack

Stack up to eight PiFace Relay Plus boards on a single Raspberry Pi.


PiFace Relay Plus with different plus-board

Reconfigure PiFace Relay Plus with different plus-boards for different projects.

For any project

PiFace Relay Plus provides you with up to 8 relays for your Raspberry Pi! Or you can swap 4 relays for 4 motor drivers. Our previous distributor is currently having issues with their supply chain. We are currently working on an alternative solution and hope to have something in place by the end of the year.

Easy to download icon

Easy to install software

Screw terminals icon

Screw terminals mean no soldering!

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Spacer icon

Spacer included to secure board

HAT icon

Conforms to Raspberry Pi HAT specification

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Protect your Pi

PiFace Relay Plus on a Raspberry Pi

Tech Specs

  • 4 changeover relays*
  • 4 open-collector inputs
  • Onboard EEPROM
  • Conforms to Raspberry Pi HAT specification
  • Easy to program in Python 3 and 2
  • Support for interrupts
  • Expansion port port for PiFace Extra boards
    • 4 additional changeover relays*
    • 4 Additional motor controllers

*Relays can be used to switch voltages up to 20V (Max) or currents up to 1A (Max)

Image of PiFace Relay Plus